Antônio  Augusto  Rossotto  Ioris​​

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography 
Cardiff University


“Environment and Development: Shared 21st Century Sustainability Challenges”, funded by the Newton Fund via FAPESP (Brazil)-British Council. 2019. Role: PI. £ 49,200.
“A Reflexive Investigation into the Practices, Challenges and Perspectives of Equitable and Participatory Research with the Guarani-Kaiowás (South America)”, funded by the AHRC (supplementary funds - Grant Reference: AH/R003645/1). 2018. PI. £ 5,000.

"Long Pending Questions Affecting the Guarani-Kaiowás in Mato Grosso do Sul: Agribusiness Expansion,
Racism and the Ambiguous International Borders between Brazil and Paraguay", funded by the British Academy/Newton Fund (Grant Reference: NAF2R2\100152). 2018-202. PI (related to the advanced fellowship of Dr Jones Goettert, UFGD, Brazil). £ 72,975.00.

“Agro-Cultural Frontiers and the Amazon: Contested Histories, New Alterities and Emerging Cultures”, funded by AHRC (Grant Reference: AH/R003645/1). 2018-2020. PI. £ 60,720.

Marsico Visiting Scholar Program to have meetings, give talks to graduate students and chair a graduate workshop at Denver University, USA, in March 2018. £ 2,100.

“The Other side of Agribusiness in the Amazon: Giving Visibility to the Reality and the Needs of Peasant Farmers in an Area Dominated by Soybean Agribusiness”, ESRC Impact Acceleration Account. 2017-2018. PI. £ 13,995.
“The Frontiers of Food Sovereignty and Agrarian Justice in the Amazon: A Community-Based Study of Political Agro-ecology in the State of Pará”, in collaboration with Agro-ecology in Latin America. Human Geography: ESRC Wales Doctoral Training Partnership PhD Collaborative Studentships: A collaboration between Aberystwyth, Cardiff and Swansea Universities. Role: first supervisor.
“Land Use Planning Challenges: The Gentrification of the Historical Centre of Quibdó, Choco (Colombia) and its Impact on the Sustainable Socio-economic Production”, funded by the Newton-Caldas Fund. Role: PI. 2016-2018. £ 259,000.

Project “Supporting Sustainable Ecosystems for Poverty Alleviation in the Amazon”, funded by the Newton Fund via FAPEAM (Brazil)-British Council. Role: Co-I. 2015-2016. £ 36,000.

Project “Agroecological Business: Connecting Civil Society, SMEs and Consumers to Nature and the Land”, funded by ESRC. Role: Co-I. 2015-2016. £ 20,000.

Project “Water as the Frontier of Agribusiness: Politico-Ecological and Socio-Economic Connections from Farms to Global Markets”, funded by the Newton Fund via FAPESP (Brazil)-British Council. Role: UK PI. 2004-2015. £ 42,200.

Project “Resource Sovereignty as a Strategy towards Securing Social Transformation, Environmental Sustainability and Human Well-being”, funded by International Social Science Council (ISSC)/UNESCO. Role: Co-I. 2014-2015. € 30,000.

Project “Water Resources Management in the Hydrographic Region of the Guanabara Bay”, funded by FAPERJ. Role: international PI. 2014-2016. £ 12,000.

Project “The Future of our Food: Resilience, Security and Justice in a Global Context”, funded by ESRC. Role: Co-I. 2014-2015. £ 30,000.

Project “Agribusiness, Water Resources and Institutional Complexity: Integrated Assessment Sustainability”, funded by CAPES/Brazil, programme “Science Without Borders”, 2013-2015. £ 65,000.

Project “Improving Communication between Scales of Flood Management: From communities to forecast centres and policy-makers”, part of the Dot.Rural project; research assistant (10% of workload) – final approval of this sub-project; funded by EPSRC, 2011-2015. Role: Co-I. £ 250,000.

Project PRONEX (Nutrients and pesticides in the surface water of the northern Pantanal river basins: An integrated approach), Co-I coordinating the work package on water regulation; funded by the Brazilian agency FAPEMAT, 2011-2012. £ 40,000.

Project “Forest dependent poor at the agricultural frontier: the complexity of poverty and the promise of sustainable forest ecosystems in Amazonia”, Co-I, responsible for the environmental governance work package; funded by ESRC/NERC/DFID programme Ecosystem Service and Poverty Alleviation (ESPA), 2010-2011. £ 53,000.

Project ‘Environmental Marginality and Social Exclusion in Scotland: A Comparative Analysis of Two Environmentally Deprived Areas’, Principal Investigator; funded by The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, 2010-2011. £ 4,800.

Project ‘Adaptation to Climate Change: Institutional Vulnerabilities in the Paraguay River Basin’, Co-I responsible for the work package on institutional reforms; funded by the Brazilian Research Council (CNPq). 2009-2010. £ 35,000.

Marsico Visiting Scholar Program to have meetings, give talks to graduate students and chair a graduate workshop at Denver University in April 2011. £ 4,000.

Consultancy work ‘Private Water Supplies (Scotland) Regulations 2006: Understanding Engagement of Owners and Users’; funded by the Scottish Government, 2009. Role: Co-I. £ 46,000.

Leverhulme Fellowship; project “Water Politics and Regulatory Reforms in Lima, Peru”, funded by The Leverhulme Trust. 2008-2009. £ 7,600.

International Research Network “Sustainable Management of Water in the Pantanal, South American Wetland”, Funded by The Leverhulme Trust. 2008-2011. £ 14,500.

Project “Integrated Farm to Catchment Governance”; funded by DEFRA. 2007-2008. £ 60,000.

Project “Water Conflicts and Water Values in Rio de Janeiro”; funded by the funded by the Brazilian Research Council (CNPq). 2008-2009. £ 16,000.

Project “Reform of Water Regulation in Portugal and Spain”, funded by The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 2008. £ 3,200.